Best 100 dollar laptop: Is there a 100 dollar laptop?

The prices of laptops have come down in a big way and it now possible to buy a laptop around 100 dollars. You will find countless such deals on the Internet but not all of them offer nice user experience. It shall be noted that unlike other sites that are selling refurbished 100 dollar laptops, we have showcased brand new ones. So the ones you buy through this site come with one year manufacture warranty and brand new, unused condition.

100 dollar laptop 2016

All the popular 100 dollar laptops can be divided into Microsoft 100 dollar laptops and Google 100 dollar laptops. Please choose one so that we can guide you better.

Last year, there were no Microsoft 100 dollar laptops as the market was dominated by the Google 100 dollar laptops that run ChromeOS. These offer a simple and stripped-down experience by just offering an operating system that runs a web browser and nothing else. This worked for Google and companies like Acer, Asus and HP made use of this opportunity and flooded the market with myriad 100 dollar laptops.

100 dollar laptops

Microsoft did not take this threat lightly and with the launch of windows 10 operating system, the company started offering its OS for almost nothing to the laptop manufactures to match the Chromebook aka Google 100 dollar laptop pricing.

So, it all comes down to Windows 10 vs Chromebook. Windows 100-dollar laptop brings a number of new features such as all new Microsoft Edge web browser, universal applications and Cortana voice assistant. ChromeOS has its own set of features to counter windows’ features. For instance, it comes with Google Now and ability to run Android applications. Also, latter is less prone to virus attacks.

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Of course, the specifications of 100 dollar laptops will not blow you away but with latest Intel processors, you get respectable performance and “made of windows 10 laptops” are surprisingly excellent laptops.  These laptops come with full size laptop keyboards that are good enough for typing long documents. On board, you will also find full size USB ports along with HDMI output and micro SD card slots for expanding the storage. Most come with web cam to let you do video calling with friends, family and clients.

Most 100 dollar laptops come with 11.6 inch screen but there are some with 13” and 14” displays. One thing that is common between all of them is they are all very light weight and are excellent laptops for getting browsing the Internet and office applications. They are also great for following tasks:

* Browsing the Internet, Email
* Social Media, Face Book, Twitter
* Streaming Video, YouTube, NetFlix
* Music, Mp3, Pandora, iTunes
* Internet capabilities
* Word Processing, Homework, Typing Papers